James Fordyce Alenson

James loved fall and winter...he loved being outdoors raking leaves in the yard, hiking, and watching for the first snowfall.

James was passionate about Football. He wore his #37 Rodney Harrison jersey from August through January as he watched games and managed his fantasy team.

James cherished the Holidays, the spirit of the season, and being with family.

James worked for the Natick Organic Farm in the late summer through the fall. He split wood, took care of the animals and helped to build a storage facility. James took great pleasure in working outside at the Farm and never failed to volunteer to work with his grandfather on his latest backyard project.

James was 15 years old when his life was taken in January of 2007 at his High School in Sudbury MA. James is both an innocent and random victim of a violent and horrific act. The murderer was convicted and sentenced to life without parole in April 2010.

James had many wonderful qualities. We are most proud of how considerate he was of everyone he met. We encourage those who visit this website to perform an act of kindness in a loved one’s memory.

If you would like to contact James's family, please e-mail AlensonFamily@yahoo.com.

"There is evil among us. Sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty, always deadly.
Evil doesn't have the last word. Grace does." Dr. Carl Saylor